Fiverr Review: Is Buying and Selling Services in Fiverr Worth It?

Fiverr reviewsFiverr is now considered as one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world. The thing that makes it different, however, is that the services and transactions that happen in this website only cost $5.
Since the time it was first launched, Fiverr has already performed more than 2,000,000 services.

If you are new to Fiverr, you might easily wonder whether or not the offers you are hearing are too good to be true. Is fiverr legit? It is even safe to start with? Let us take a look at this Fiverr review and see how it can help you.

How does Fiverr work?

Fiverr works in two perspectives: that of a buyer, and a seller.

  • As a Buyer

If you are a buyer, that is, you have a service that you need completed, you can browse different pages. As an easier method, you can also use the search function in order to look for a gig that you are interested in buying. After finding a gig, you have to carefully read through the service description provided, checking on the work samples of the seller.

Once you have made up your mind with a purchase, you can then go to the next process, the checkout. There are several ways in which you can pay for the services you would like to buy. Keep in mind that all purchases come with a processing fee. You will be charged $1 for purchases up to $20. At the same time, you will be charged 5$ for all purchase transactions above $20.

  • As a Seller

As a seller, the moment you create an account with Fiverr, you have your own webpage that will showcase all of the services that you offer. A service in Fiverr is referred to as a “Gig”. In order to list your Gig, all you have to do is to click your username right on the upper right corner, and select the option which says “Start Selling”. You will be guided with the process accordingly, which is pretty easy.

The moment you post a gig, Fiverr will review it to ensure that you have followed all guidelines set in their terms of service. The process is just quick. In case you have not followed the terms, Fiverr will notify you accordingly.

Your customers will start seeing your gig, and begin ordering from you. You complete the orders, deliver the output, and mark the gig as completed and delivered. For every gig completed, your customers are encouraged to leave their feedback about the service that they received. This is also one good way in which you can earn more, as some customers generously give a ‘fiverr tip’ if they are satisfied with their gigs.

The moment payment is processed, the money coming from the customer will go through a 14-day waiting period. This is to ensure that the customer is completely satisfied with the service, allowing their payment to be successfully cleared. The seller will receive the payment after 14 days.

On the other hand, if the customer is not satisfied with the work, you have the option to either fix it, or offer a refund. However, all of these should happen within the 14-day window.

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Is Fiverr Legit?

In order to determine the overall legitimacy of Fiverr as a platform, it is very important to understand its features and capabilities. Other people doubt on the safety in Fiverr, considering that there can be some very rare gigs that you might encounter. However, the site itself, is safe. There are just some gigs and sellers or buyers that you might want to avoid. Just like other marketplace services, no one can really tell about the integrity of the members.

However, the best evidence regarding the legitimacy of the website is seen on the actual testimonials of real people who have taken advantage of what Fiverr has to offer. One buyer said that he found a lot of talented sellers who are offering their quality services, all at a reasonable cost. He reminds others, though, that it is the buyer’s responsibility to review the previous works of the seller in order to make sure of business integrity.

Another Fiverr user, a seller, says that he never encountered any problem with Fiverr. In a situation wherein a buyer presents some issues with the services provided, the buyer can simply notify Fiverr and request for a refund.

Is Fiverr Safe?

One proof to Fiverr’s commitment to safety is its reliable payment system. Those who have been with Fiverr several years back know that when the platform started, PayPal was the only payment option. As of the moment, other payment options are also made available, including the use of a free Mastercard debit card which is powered by Payoneer.

The moment a buyer pays a seller, the following scenarios may happen:

  • The buyer is satisfied, giving the seller a ‘thumbs-up’. A green logo with a ‘thumbs-up’ used to be the icon several years back, but now, sellers can give the ‘stars’ rating.
  • The buyer does not provide any response after order delivery.
  • The buyer provides a negative feedback, but no dispute is submitted.
  • The buyer disputes the service, and asks either for a fix, or a refund.

This means that both the buyer and seller are protected, given that there is a 14-day window in which the payment is put on hold by Fiverr. If everything else goes well within that period, payment is processed accordingly.

How to Use Fiverr to Your Advantage

If you are someone new to Fiverr, you must be wondering how you can make the most out of the platform. Interestingly, the site’s premise is quite simple, which means that even beginner buyers and sellers can already start taking advantage of the services for just $5 a pop.
While there are literally tons of ways in which you can make the most out of Fiverr, we can focus on three ways to start with. This is highly recommended for beginners while you are still learning the ropes of this platform.

  1. Sell SomethingOne of the simplest ways in which you can make money through Fiverr is selling something there. It should be a stuff with zero cost. Is it possible? You can start with video testimonials. There will always be buyers of 30-second video testimonials. Other options include selling articles, or backlinks.
  2. Reselling StuffThis does not just refer to actual stuff, such as actual things. However, you can resell video testimonials, as well as graphic design work. You can find customers from email companies, local papers, sites such as Craigslist, and others. Afterwards, you can offer them your video testimonial service, or designs. While your actual cost on Fiverr is only $5, you can earn more than that from your customers.
  3. Social Media PromotionThese days, social media can be considered as a hot trend. After all, everybody wants to be visible on the most famous social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter. This can also prove to be a good profit considering the difference between the $5 you spend on Fiverr, and the actual money you receive from your customers.


After reading this Fiverr review, you now have the basic details on how you can make the most out of Fiverr as an effective solution to your needs. However, when it comes to safety and legitimacy, you need to be careful and cautious, being aware that there are people out there who might just want to get money fast, but not really offering value.

While there are some scammers which may be present on Fiverr, a $5 gig price is not really much to lose. There is also 14-day in which the payment is put on hold by Fiverr so seller and buyer during that time are protected.

You may want to trial the gigs out at a budget price first, before venturing on something big with new clients. However, scammers aside, there are a lot of amazing gigs that can help you earn good money.

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